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Profilnor has established itself as a reliable source for producing and distributing promotional things throughout the Scandinavian region. We are constructing a bridge between our headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and hundreds of businesses looking for high-quality promotional materials for their brands, events, and marketing. 

Browse our catalog of top promotional products to find the ideal match for your requirements. Our staff will look into what you are not able to figure out by yourself. Our objective is to collaborate with our customers to provide dependable manufacture of low-cost promotional products.

Our Quality Control Process

  • Monitoring: We always conduct production monitoring through our partners for quality control during production. Both inbound raw materials and final products are subjected to quality control. We also perform packaging quality control after production has been completed and before shipment. Furthermore, we perform quality control and inspection to verify that every item you order fits the criteria.

  • Fixing Errors: We perform shipment quality checks, and if we discover an error before shipment, we will remake the entire order to correct the fault and any issues discovered.

  • Approval of Pre-production Proof Samples: We have a policy in place that requires you to approve all pre-production proof samples before we begin mass production of your order. Without your consent, our facilities are not permitted to begin mass manufacturing of any product.

  • Updates and Notifications: We will send you email notifications when your order has been completed, and we will provide images as proof. Before shipment, you can also flag any flaws or mistakes. If you choose, we can also film and email you a video of your order


Except for the south pole; we deliver to every part of Norway. We send out email updates on shipments regularly, and you may simply track your package as its status changes. This keeps you informed on the location of your shipment at all times. 

Product Sampling

  • Sample examination: The easiest way to ensure high-quality output in the final product is to examine samples before mass manufacturing your order.

  • Sample alternatives: We offer a variety of sample alternatives to make the sampling procedure as simple as possible for you. We offer virtual proof samples, blank product samples, video samples, and imprinted branded samples.

  • Virtual Sample: If you order branded products with your company logo or private label products, we will provide a virtual proof with your logo digitally attached to the product or package for your study and approval. This saves time and is completely free of charge to you. We offer a full-service art department in-house that specializes in virtual proofing and other digital artwork-related projects for customers. You can place your order once it has been accepted.

  • Blank Sample: This is a technique that requires you to pay a very minimal amount for a tangible sample of a product, as well as shipping costs directly to you. The sample will be mailed to you wherever you are in the Scandinavian region. Blank samples are 100% identical to the product model but can be in any stock color. It can be customized with any branding or left unbranded. It will take one week to process a blank sample.

  • Imprinted Branded Sample: These are the physical copies of the desired product you want to order. You will have to pay for the product logo setup and shipping in advance. We will brand the item according to your desired customization and in your specific requested color. This process may take 1-2 weeks, depending on the type of customization, and we ship directly to your location.

  • Sample Quality Check: We always perform quality control to avoid sample defects before sending your samples to you.

Promotional Branded Products

Who We Are

Hello and welcome to! We are a group of incredibly brilliant individuals who genuinely enjoy what we do. We specialize in designing excellent branded promotional products that look fantastic and encourage brand promotion and sales growth. Our significant knowledge in branding and packaging design is available to you in case you want to create a new product or imprint an existing product with your corporate mark. We design promotional products that are more valuable and appealing, eliciting WOW emotions from your clients.

Branded Merchandise

The best method to make an impression on your target clients is to create unforgettable branded products that are truly unique.'s team assists in achieving optimal branding by designing and manufacturing customized, high-quality products. You can trust our team to bring any product you can imagine to reality while adhering to the highest standards of deliberate, thoughtful, and reusable design.

Custom Product Manufacturing

Do you have an idea for a product that does not presently exist? Our staff is here to assist you in giving birth to your idea. We will guide you through the design, development, and production stages of any customized product you can think of. When you work with us, you will gain access to hundreds of our factories, where we will assist you in bringing your idea to life. We can make anything you can think of.

Private Label

Your brand is the first point of contact your clients have with your company. It is usually your potential clients' initial impression of your brand. This implies that you must put some thinking and imagination into the work. When you engage with to establish a company-wide garment program that is synonymous with your business, you will comprehend phrases like hang tags, woven labels, poly bagging, embroidery, belly bands, screen printing, laser etching, appliqué, and custom packaging.

Our Quality Control Process

We regularly supervise production to ensure quality control during production. We perform quality control on both incoming raw materials and finished goods. When the production is finished, and before any shipment, we also do packaging quality control. We also perform quality control and checks to ensure that all of your order's parameters have been met.

Free Setup and Free 1-Color Print

We do not charge you any setup costs when you place an order with This is completely free, and we also include a free one-color imprint with all orders.

Branding and Printing has honed the skills needed to accomplish any form of branding. We understand how to best brand your products with your company's logo and name. Embossing, Debossing, Engraving, Water Transfer Printing, Carving, Inkjet Printing, Sublimation Printing, Embroidery, Laser, Hot Stamping, Heat Transfer Printing, Silkscreen Printing, and IMD Printing are some of the branding options available for your order.

Private Label Service

A Private Label Brand

We provide branding services for products purchased from our company. We may mark your products with your private label or brand name to increase brand awareness for your company. You may easily advertise your brand name and contact information with branded or private-label products. This enables your customers to contact you and share their thoughts about your brand and items. 

Private labeling also helps to improve your company's professional image. It also boosts your brand's visibility and can save you a lot of time and money. You don't have to be concerned about the delays associated with suppliers and wholesalers. Your product will be delivered to the desired location by a firm you are familiar with and trust. 

When you order your goods from, you can combine cost savings, cost benefits, and trusted quality. manufactures private-label items specifically tailored for a business and targets specific demographics you are attempting to reach. This is what sets one brand apart from the rest. 

Benefits of Private Label

Private label items present a plethora of opportunities. Whether you want to launch a cosmetics line, a furniture brand, athletic goods, or a clothing business, private labels allow you to offer customized products to your customers while giving you the freedom to determine your prices. One of the numerous advantages of investing in private labels is the potential to safeguard your margins while expanding sales and earnings. Other advantages of using a private label include:

    • Saves time, money, and energy

    • Gains credibility and loyalty from consumers

    • Offer lower costs with higher margins

    • Enhances your brand image and expands your collection 

    • Ability to provide tailor labels and packaging to meet your specifications

    • Opportunity to scale your business over time

    • Perception of competence and professionalism

    • Ability to make highly customizable formulations

    • Expand your product line

What Product Do We Make? also manufactures private-label products. As a contract bespoke maker, we can produce almost whatever our clients require. We provide everything from the round-up to the formula and packaging using the knowledge of our experienced in-house Research & Development team. 

Dynamic Strategy: We transform our clients' ideas into new, marketable goods by utilizing dynamic process management. Our product development team is guided by the client's needs, from the establishment of product qualities to customized packaging designs. You will profit substantially from our superb constructions, exceptional, innovative strength, and high-quality workmanship throughout each project phase. standards. 

Packaging: We feel that the product is not the only important component in determining success. Packaging is equally important. A good package not only protects the product but is also functional, especially if it is user-friendly. We have the expertise to handle everything from design through packaging manufacture, filling, and legally binding declaration. We will gladly assist you in this case, whether fully serviced or modularly.

Quality Control: When it comes to product quality and customer responsibility, we take pride in the continual growth and safeguarding of our quality management. This is a critical success factor for Our items are certified to meet quality standards. We provide high-quality products and services to the world's largest retail companies and consumer goods industries. This demonstrates the high quality of the products manufactured by our organization.

Private Logo and Printing: We have been branding things for our valued customers. Our years of experience have established us as an industry leader and authority. We understand how to best private label your product. We can print and affix your label or brand name on the product in a variety of methods, depending on the product and your requirement. There is no correct or incorrect method. 

On the other hand, we pay close attention to detail and creatively present your label in such a way that it catches the attention of your target audience. We are aware that certain print types are not appropriate for certain products. 

As a result, we only utilize branding styles that are appropriate for your product. Embossing, engraving, debossing, silkscreen printing, laser, hot stamping, heat-transfer printing, sublimation printing, embroidery, IMD print, inkjet printing, carving, and water transfer printing are some of the labeling methods we use to brand our clients' products

Types of Private Label Packaging

There are various forms of private label packaging, and we can give you ANY choice you require. We may also brand and customize the packaging design with your company's name or emblem. The following are some examples of diverse packaging and their applications:

White Cardboard Boxed and Corrugated Paper Boxes

There are various forms of private label packaging, and we can give you ANY choice you require. We may also brand and customize the packaging design with your company's name or emblem. The following are some examples of diverse packaging and their applications. 

Lid and Base Boxes

These are also common packing boxes that can be used to package premium products. Electronics are typically packaged in lid and base boxes. Nicer packaging always raises the worth of your goods and encourages customers to spend more money on them. If you want to make your packaging box look more elegant, add some attractive material inserts, such as silk fabric. We are always available to provide whatever form of packaging you require. Your unique product packaging cost will be included in the product quote.

Cloth Bag

This sort of packaging is available in polyester and flannelette bags. They are lightweight and adaptable in the package space. Cloth bags are commonly used for packaging electronic gadgets and jewelry, among other things.

Cylindrical Paper Tube

If you want to safeguard your products, this is a fantastic packaging option. They are ideal for products such as pencils, tea, and other strip-shaped items.

Internal Product Packaging

To add value to the product, we can also supply specifically customized packaging such as bubble wrap, poly bagging, and foam protection. This will be an additional cost, which will be reflected in your product quote. Remember to include all of the specifics you want in your quote request so that it may be properly quoted.